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Footprint Productions is the home for storytellers.

We create narratives, storylines, and innovative ideas. 

Through a collaborative process, we turn them into inspiring, uplifting, and heartwarming films.  

Our original films were created by us,

using our industry leading production team, for you,

movie lovers around the world. 

We hope you enjoy what we've made.



Life-long neighbors Alex and Jenna turn an otherwise ordinary childhood into a life of fantastical journeys with their imaginations. Toy blocks and castles give way to first cars and street ships as the two discover the bigger they allow themselves to dream, the better they cope with life. Director Jamie Brindle brings the words of John O.S. Houston to life through colorful imagery and VFX in this 18-min short film.

Street Ships Cars

Where did the idea for this story come from?

The inception of the idea, children playing in the world of imagination, started on the jungle gyms friends and I had in our backyards in suburban northern Virginia. We didn’t grow up in a generation of Lysol wipes, but we weren’t allowed to roam the streets freely like our parents did either. So instead, we conquered imaginary castles within the confines of our six-foot-high fenced-in backyards. The idea came from a fear of losing my playful imagination as I grew older.

Street Ships Film Poster


The fate of an intoxicating and torturous love affair is threatened with news which could tear the couple apart -- or make them stronger.

Hotter with the Windows Open Film Poster
Director Julie Haberstick Hotter Windows Open

Where did the idea for HOTTER come from?

When I shared an apartment with a couple of roommates, we had these amazing windows off of our balcony overlooking Sherman Oaks. We would sometimes talk to each other or yell at each other from window to window. I wanted to bring that to life. There was a Romeo and Juliet element to the windows and talking to each other out of them; like a blue collar Romeo and Juliet. So, with those constraints, I started writing a story and Ellie Mae and James Henry came to life.


A Documentary following a young man's journey to find his hero through the streets of America.

Searching for Cassius, Seeking Ali Film Poster
John Houston Cassius Ali Searching Seeking

This project started when John Houston was in high school and evolved over 10 years.  This Documentary was a passion project of his that allowed him and the creative team to follow the footsteps of the Civil Rights movement and trace the legacy of Muhammad Ali.  The central questions they tried to answer were; How do we engage in conversations about race, and, how do inspirational leaders stand up when no one else is speaking out.  The documentary film follows John as he travels around the United States, performing his show on the streets and eventually, around the world.

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