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Inspired by a true story, Marza is based off of real people and events that took place involving a U.S. Marine and a group of young Afghan villagers. Throughout the course of his deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan, the Marine's life is transformed by the innocence and purity of a child - Mursal (pronounced Marza). Along the way, the Marine gradually meets more of the local children and is brought into their world. On 8 September 2012, a suicide bomber killed six children, including Marza's two sisters, Parwana and Khorshid. They refused to let the suicide bomber pass to reach the American and Coalition Forces within the Green Zone. Due to their sacrifice, countless lives were saved. The suicide bomber was also just an innocent youth.




The three main girls' names - Mursal, Parwana, and Khorshid - translate to Rose, Butterfly, and the Sun, respectively. Their surname, Hawa, translated means Eve.

Behind the Scenes

 Based on the true story of  three young and courageous

 Afghan sisters. Written, produced, and directed by former U.S.   Marine Staff Sergeant Regan A. Young

Director: Regan A. Young


Writer: Regan A. Young

Starring: Josh Ansley, Claire Geare, Mykayla Sohn, Taylor Geare


Producers: Jamie BrindleDerek NickellPamela ShaeRegan A. Young, John O.S. Houston


Composer: Dave Holden


Cinematographer: Nate Fu


Editor: Derek Nickell


Casting Director: Pamela Shae


Production Designer: Mikki Mamaril



GI Film Festival Official Selection
World Music and Independent Film Festval WMIFF Official Selection
Independent Filmmakers Showcase Official Selection US
Marza Behind The Scenes
Marza Film Poster
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