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Storytelling in the digital world is a whole new game. We're flipping the script on traditional literature. Experience the "Flowers for Algernon" story through the lens of the digital age, and follow the character of Charlie Gordon on as you would a friend of your own on Twitter. Follow @flwers4algernon to get the full experience: 31 vlogs, 150+ tweets, and over 40 pics, each one telling a different piece of Charlie's timeless tale. Welcome to contemporary story-telling.

Starring: Patrick Boylan, Alyssa Klein, Samantha Stewart, Dennis Leski


Director: Nardeep Khurmi


Writers: Patrick Boylan (co-adaptation), Kerry Kaz (co-adaptation)


Producers: Patrick Boylan,  Alyssa Klein,  Nardeep Khurmi


Associate Producer: John O.S. Houston


Editor: Nardeep Khurmi


Art Direction: Eileen Seton


Costumes: Kyle Blitch

Social Media: Caitlyn Boylan

Charlie Gordon is a simple man. He works in a bakery and lives a peaceful life until he is asked to be the first human subject in an experimental surgery that would increase his intelligence. After the experiment, Charlie evolves from a man with an IQ of 68 to a genius with an IQ of 190. We see what happens to his life as he posts daily vlogs on Youtube and links them to his Twitter feed. Complexities with relationships, emotions, and science are shown as we see him progress - his tweets become more involved, his pictures become better quality, his speech becomes more fluid. His environment changes from a simple, sterol studio, to a beautiful one bedroom. As Charlie outgrows himself intellectually, issues arise in the experiment: there should never have been a human subject in the first place.

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  • Over 250K views on YouTube

  • Over 800K engagements on Twitter

  • 4.2K followers on Twitter 

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