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We work with creators to turn their dreams into a reality, and, ultimately,

produce content that will excite, inspire, or simply entertain you.


Based on the incredible true story of professional baseball player-turned WW2 spy, Moe Berg, The Catcher brings us along on Moe's first mission for the OSS. Filled with suspense and intrigue and set against the beautiful, yet dangerous, backdrop of 1930's Japan, Moe must gather intel crucial to the planning of a historic battle - and of the upmost importance to the war effort of the Allied Forces.

Director Jamie Brindle The Catcher

There were a couple really exciting things about making this movie.  First, we got to let our imaginations run wild with a real-life American James Bond.  The second really cool part of making The Catcher was bringing 1930's Japan to life in 2015 Los Angeles.  We couldn't have done it without a lot of help from our creative team, the JACCC, and some incredible movie magic.  And, at the end of making this movie, the real validation came when we realized that another version of this story was being told by a big production company and Hollywood A-listers.  It let us know that the films we are making are right in-line with what the big boys are doing.  And everybody loves an underdog.  

The Catcher Film Poster


This heart-warming tale gives a face to war. When our enemy reminds us of our humanity, we can't help but be changed forever.

Director Regan Young Marza

This was a project where we came in at the end to help the production team for MARZA push their film over the finish-line.  Writer-Director Regan Young had the vision for this film based on his real life experiences as a Marine in Afghanistan.  True to form, this former-Marine went above and beyond to make sure the mission was accomplished and, throughout our time working together, never relented to ensure that the integrity of the story and the memory of the girls was never tarnished by Hollywood-isms or by trite movie tropes.  All of that and a heart-wrenching story made us want to help make sure this movie was seen by the world.

Marza Film Poster


A little boy will do whatever it takes to make sure his friend, who has always been there for him, gets well.


When Jamie Brindle came to us with this idea, it was something that we knew we had to jump on board with.  Brindle's mother was the creator of this story and when he pitched it as a story-book-esque animated short, we were hooked.

Tilley and The Moon Film Poster


Follow the main character, Charlie Gordon on his journey after his science fictional surgery that increases his IQ from 68-190 through his daily vlogs, Instagram posts, and Tweets.!

Patrick Boylan Flowers

“People come to Twitter to share their ideas and information, instantly, without barriers. With the world's news and information happening in real-time on Twitter, a fictional story can also be told in real time (” There are a few fictional and non-fictional stories that have been told on Twitter (Zola’s tweets, Jennifer Egan’s experimental Black Box, @FathomButterfly, etc.) but never an adaptation of a novel or anything in multiple mediums - i.e. video, tweets, and images. This is the first of its kind. Breaking the barrier between entertainer and consumer and putting a story right in front of their eyes, across different mediums, and in real time, is a new kind of storytelling!"




In the recent years the film industry and international media has put an emphasis on female directors. Specifically noting the lack of female directors statistically in the film industry and making a strong effort to change the trajectory through increased dialogue, highlighting female directors and screening/distributing films made by women at film festival and beyond. This gives “Susanna” a trending headline and the ability to market the film through this angle, among many others.

Kamee Abrahamian Nikolay Livshiz Actors Susanna



A unique circumstance put the production of “Susanna” into a specific time frame. Both the character of Susanna and the actress who played her, Kamee Abrahamian, were at full term in their pregnancy. The pregnancy plays a vital role in the story, visual language and authenticity. The height of which was the capturing of Susanna’s pregnant, nude body.

“Susanna” was shot without artificial lighting. All outdoor lighting is natural. The trial room was lit with orthodox church candles. The possibility to shoot by candlelight was provided by the ARRI ALEXA Mini.

“Susanna” sees the collaboration between Director Oksana Mirzoyan, Cinematographer Mike Berlucchi and Editor Adam Pillon continue after the success of their award winning short film “140 Drams.” Shot in Armenia the film involved a cast and crew which represented seven countries. “Susanna” brings the three filmmakers to the US.

Susanna Film Poster


Andrew Dice Clay Blue Show
Ben Gleib Neurotic Gangster
Kirk Fox That Guy
Brad Williams Fun Size
Jay Mohr Happy and a lot
Brad Williams Daddy Issues

This was an exciting opportunity for us to work with an experienced production team at LOLflix.  Part of the fun was the combination of working with film and the energy of live performances.  And, it was great to sit back and laugh.


Footprint is all about helping people work toward their aspirations.  Lexi is a talented singer and had the idea to turn this song into a music video and we wanted to help make that vision a reality.

Paradise Lexi St George
Lexi St George

We met Lexi through other producers and she had this great energy and excitement about making a music video for one of her songs.  So, it was a no-brainer for us to partner up to bring something to life.  Pairing creatives with film-makers and producing something that everyone can be proud of and is entertaining.  And the song gets stuck in your head.  Can't wait to see where Lexi takes her career from here.

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