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What do the 1930's, Major League Baseball, Imperial Japan, and international espionage all have in common?  Find out in this exciting short film adventure.

Starring: John O.S. Houston, David Carey Foster, Keith Edie


Director: Jamie Brindle


Writer: Jamie Brindle


Producers: Jamie BrindleMichael CuryloRegan A. Young


Executive Producer: John O.S. Houston


Cinematographer: Nate Fu


Editor: Jamie Brindle


Production Designer: Michael Fitzgerald


The Catcher

Moe Berg was just a journeyman baseball player.  He was just a catcher.  Who could speak a dozen languages and had a law degree from Columbia.  That was until war was on the horizon.  In the 1930’s, the United States knew that war with Japan might be inevitable and they would need spies.  Spies need to be smart and have a good cover.  What is better cover than being a Major League Catcher for an all-star team traveling to Japan for a good-will game?  Will Berg complete his mission without any issues or will the biggest story in Japan be something besides Babe Ruth’s visit?

Behind the Scenes
The Catcher Film Poster
Catcher Behind the Scenes
The Catcher Trailer

The Catcher Trailer

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